The Company was incorporated with the name “KALYANI COMMERCIALS LIMITED” (CIN: L51909DL1985PLC021453) and the Certificate of Incorporation was granted by the Registrar of Companies, New Delhi on 08th July, 1985.

The shares of the Company are listed at the National Stock Exchange Limited.

Kalyani Commercials Limited is a Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC). The Company obtained its Certificate of Registration from RBI to carry on the business of non-banking financial institution on 2nd June, 1998. The Registration Number of the Company with RBI is 14.00928.

At present the Company is carrying on NBFC’s activities. Kalyani Commercials Limited is one of the growing NBFCs in the country and offers a wide range of financial services to many sectors. The Company offers credit facilities to individuals and business clients. It offers business loans and fulfills working capital requirement of individual and body corporate.

Kalyani Commercials Limited is an organization providing monetary advantage to individuals and organizations which are in need of finance. The Company has established its own norm for evaluating different needs of its clients and providing appropriate payment options.